Sonata Movement

Live classical music and theatre side by side, in an exploration of the melancholy, joy and companionship of fragile human lives from beginning to end. The works of eight writers and composers interwoven to create a complete sonata, in a unique new performance style.

Caryl Churchill Abortive ˑ Franz Schubert Sonata, D. 960, Mv. I
Kenneth Emson Other People’s Gardens ˑ Frédéric Chopin Nocturne, Op.9, Nr. 2
T. S. Eliot Portrait of a Lady ˑ Sergei Prokofiev Sonata, Op.28
Anton Chekhov Swan Song ˑ Ludwig van Beethoven Sonatas (last movements),Op.81a , Op.53, Op.57Op.31 Nr.3

Have a Glance


‘strikingly innovative hybrid of concert-recital and drama’ – Michael White, The Daily Telegraph

‘This was not a pianist offering background mood music – rather the words, their rhythm and cadence, were intricately interwoven with the score. It became something quite different to what either could achieve on their own – and was poignant and beautiful.’ – Martin Cullingford, Gramophone

‘a refreshingly original idea performed with real energy and verve’ – Mastoor Khan, The Epoch Times

‘a strong cast, a variety of short drama, gracefully paired with an accomplished piano recital made this a wholly enjoyable evening, and all the more so for its unusual format.’ – One Stop Arts

‘a high calibre of musical and dramatic performance’ – Bel Cameron, Exeunt Megazine

‘moving and uplifting’ – Sophie Porter, What’s on Fringe*****

‘There will be surprises for everyone who thinks they know any of the material, all of which is interpreted with real sophistication as well as heartfelt commitment, but for me it awoke a really childlike sense of discovery and enthusiasm, as if seeing/hearing everything for a first time.’ – Prof Neil Heyde, (Head of Postgraduate) Royal Academy of Music.


Creative Team

Original Idea & Music Design/ An-Ting Chang
Director/ Jude Christian
Designer/ Louis Carver
Lighting Designer/ Sarah McColgan
Cast/ Mark Denham, Tiffany Wood, Mary Sheen, Darren Douglas-Letts, James Northcote, Joyce Greenaway, and Jonathan Newth